Breaking Down Mobile Payments

We all use our smartphone all day every day. We use them to navigate, to communicate, and to keep up with social media.  Now, with the advent of mobile payments technology, we even use them to [...]

Why do I have a chip in my Debit Card?

  This is one of the most talked about subjects in the payment world of late.  Nobody seems to understand why there is now a chip in their card.  We have all stood there at the checkout [...]

Payment Options for Small Business

  Customer’s need options.  If your business were selling shirts, and you only offered one design and color, you would surely limit your customer base.  The same is true with payment [...]

ACH Vs Credit Cards: Pros & Cons

Transactions involving credit cards or automated clearing house (ACH) are electronic funds transfers (EFTs). Many merchants and consumers would rather make electronic transfers than use cash or [...]