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Now you can eliminate chasing customers down for overdue invoices and delinquent payments, as well as decrease the hassle of waiting for checks to be mailed before shipping products.

ACHQ’s ACH Payment Processing service enables you to electronically debit customers’ bank accounts. Our electronic solutions streamline your payment processing and improve your company’s efficiency.


Without the need for sending a paper check, customers can provide their eCheck payment information online or over the phone

You’ll never have to reconcile paper checks with their account again when you accept checks online: Customer information is stored for future transactions and ongoing payment plans.


Check 21 or Remotely Created Checks are broad terms used to describe processing which clears transactions through bank-to-bank file transfer rather than through the ACH network. Both Check 21 and ACH are used for web and phone transactions as well as one-time and recurring debits from bank accounts. The customer experience for Check 21 and ACH is the same.


ACHQ’s Risk Verification Database (rVd) Plus combines the historical power of ACHQ’s Risk Verification Database with multiple banking, retail, and billing sources to predict the current status of the bank account.

Used by merchants to reduce costly returns for electronic check (e-check) or ACH transactions, Risk Verification Database is effective for all ACH, electronic check and RDC transactions and can be accessed via API, batch processing or online interface.


Risk Verification Database reduces non-sufficient fund fees for customers while helping a business manage its portfolio risk. It is also critical to meeting the “know your customers” requirements mandated by banks in an ongoing processing relationship.


Portal is built for executives and teams of small to medium businesses who are frustrated by having to run time-consuming reports with scattered information. With Portal, you can get the payments information you need, how and when you need it. A trend chart with clear revenue and sale indicators along with a summary of sales revenue, refunds and reversals give you all the research strokes.


Providing recurring payments is an easy way to increase retention, grow loyalty, and improve customer satisfaction – all while streamlining your payment processing and reducing operational expenses. Our convenient, recurring payments options provide bottom-line benefits to your business.


Checks-By-Web is a check processing program that provides you the capability of accepting checks over the web. The consumer is able to initiate a debit payment for Bill Pay or e-Commerce on a website or payment gateway. Significantly increase sales and earn repeat customers by offering this simple and convenient online payment option.


Never hear “the check is in the mail” again.

Accept and process consumer checks over the phone. Written or verbal permission from the customer is used to authorize the transaction. This scalable solution allows any sized business to enjoy the benefits of accepting check payments over the phone.

Zero Cost Convenience Fee Processing

The Consumer Convenience Fee allows you to pass card and check processing costs to consumers. Customers pay processing fees required to cover the transaction. Businesses are able to enjoy fast, secure card and check processing at no cost.

Credit Card Processing

Having Difficulty finding Processing for your business, or simply shopping for a lower rate, we can help.

Negotiating the lowest rates for your business and eliminating credit card processing headaches, hassles, and hidden fees is our mission.