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Our RCC solutions makes it possible for any industry to obtain affordable processing supported by our awesome customer service and our robust payment gateway.
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With our RCC solution, any industry can obtain affordable processing.

Remotely Created Checks, or RCC, is a broad term used to describe processing which clears transactions through bank-to-bank file transfer rather than through the ACH network. Both RCC and ACH are used for web and phone transactions as well as one-time and recurring debits from bank accounts. The customer experience for RCC and ACH is the same for the most part.  From the merchant’s perspective, the process is almost identical.

With RCC you still have the option to use our gateway to upload single transactions, batch transactions, and to create recurring payments.  Files are sent to the customer’s bank electronically, and the items appear on your customer’s bank account in the same manner as a traditionally written paper check.  Settlement times are the same as ACH, and we even have an option for next day settlement.

Customers pay you with an eCheck by providing bank routing and account numbers rather than card information.

Transactions remain in an electronic file format. Substitute checks are not printed out. ACHQ creates an electronic file of the check information and an image cash letter which is processed along with the file.

How It Works

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Payment Gateway

A robust processing and reporting system scalable to your needs. Developed by our team of technologists, the ACHQ Payment Gateway provides a straightforward, real-time interface and is a secure, central-solution for your business to process payments.

Risk Management

Confidence and peace of mind. Our solutions ensure your funds are always on their way.


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Solutions for you

RCC transactions are governed by check laws and the Uniform Commercial Code rather than ACH rules and regulations set by the ACH governing body, NACHA. If your business struggles with the ACH ratios for returns and revokes, Remotely Created Checks are a good option for you.

Faster Settlement

You control your settlements. Funds can be settled directly to your bank account the next day. No hold times or reserves required. Alternatively, ACHQ can handle settlement and clearing. The only transaction your business bank sees is the cleared funds settled to your account.


ACH rules require revoked transactions (chargebacks) to remain below 0.5% and returns under 15%. RCC does not have this limitation, giving you greater flexibility on both revokes and returns.  When we couple RCC with our amazing risk solutions, we can assist you in getting your returns under control, saving you management time and money in the process.

Wider Coverage

Both ACH & RCC transactions are accepted by large US banks. RCC expands your coverage to include transactions from credit unions, savings & loans, small banks, brokerages, and checks drawn on credit card accounts.

Enhanced Descriptors

RCC allows more characters to be used on the descriptor than ACH transactions. Details of an RCC transaction appear on consumers’ bank statements as a cleared paper-check transactions, and if the customer’s bank provides them with images of the checks, they will see an image of your RCC transaction as if it was a traditionally written check. This helps consumers to easily remember the transaction, decreasing risk of revokes.

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