ACHQ with Plaid provides scalable and secure access to the ACH network for businesses looking to expand their mobile and web payment offerings.   ACHQ’s integrated solution supports payment acceptance, real-time status monitoring, and settlement reconciliation for both outbound ACH credit payments and inbound ACH debit collection.   Daily settlements go directly to your bank account, no need to cash out from a virtual wallet.

Use Plaid + ACHQ to increase ACH adoption, get paid faster, and save money on processing fees.   ACHQ will meet or beat current processing fees for all Plaid subscribers.  Let’s talk.



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ACH without the hassle

Sign-up with ACHQ in a matter of minutes.  No paperwork, no documents.

You can even link your depository account via Plaid.

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Daily settlements directly to your bank account.

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Get started for free. Flat per item pricing.

Increase ACH Adoption

ACH payments cost less.  ACHQ + Plaid makes user adoption easy.

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Talk to people, not robots.

Technology Powered Payments

Same-day ACH plus the ACHQ API for platform level reporting.

Stay Compliant

ACHQ + Plaid is fully compliant with the new NACHA WEB authorization rule.

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100 MIL